College Paper Format: 11 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

Have you written a college paper and didn’t score as you anticipated? Or are you in the process of writing a college paper and feeling unsatisfied with your final paper? Chances are there are common things you forget to do in your college level writing. That is why in this guide, we discuss useful insights into writing a college paper to make it outstanding.

Like any other academic task, college papers play a crucial role in defining the fate of a student. That is why it is significant for all college students to plan well and take the correct steps when writing in college.

11 Things you are forgetting in your college level writing

Make sure you don’t forget to consider the following details in your college paper.

1. Creating a detailed college research paper outline

In some instances, you may assume that you have mastered the college paper writing process and assume you don’t need a college paper outline. Well, an outline plays a crucial role in the final draft. For instance, you are likely to forget some important sections of the paper when you skip writing the outline. Besides, an outline helps you to keep focus when writing the final draft; thus, you don’t have to keep thinking of what to include in the different sections of a college paper.

2. Organizing your research

If you forget to plan and organize your research process, you are likely to spend hours doing poor work. Therefore, to have a smooth

3. How to head a college paper

A college paper is a special assignment. Therefore, forgetting how to present the heading of your college paper might attract poor grades even when the contents of the paper are top-notch. Therefore, make sure you read and understand the set requirements to understand the basics of proper formatting, whether in MLA, Chicago, or APA.

4. Selecting an appropriate topic

The topic you settle on determines the outcomes of your paper context. If you choose a complex topic, you are likely to have a hard time with the research process. Still, if you choose a common and highly repeated topic, you are likely to exhaust all the ideas before you even finish the paper. Therefore, aim at an interesting yet researchable topic.

5. Writing a weak thesis statement

A thesis statement is the basis of your college paper. Since all the points in your paper must align with the thesis statement, forgetting to review and select a proper thesis might make your paper lose meaning.

6. Relying on one source

A college paper requires in-depth research. Every point you include in the paper requires solid evidence. Therefore, make it a habit to include published journals, scholarly articles, and magazines, among other resources, when doing the research.

7. How to format a college paper

Before you submit your research paper, make sure you review the college paper format and cite all the sources based on the guidelines in the requirements. If you aren’t sure, make it a responsibility to ask and read about different formatting guidelines.

8. Including supporting evidence

When writing a college paper, ensure you include supporting evidence at every point to support your research.

9. Starting a paper without a proper hook

How you present your college paper in the beginning, will determine the reader’s interest. You don’t want to reader to switch off even before reviewing the context of your paper. Therefore, remember a good hook is key.

10. Proofreading

While it is okay to trust your writing capabilities, making some simple mistakes throughout the paper is inevitable. For instance, typos and grammar mistakes are inevitable. That is why you shouldn’t forget to proofread your paper before you submit it.

11. Checking plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the elements that make students fail terribly on their college papers. Therefore, before submitting, you can use different softwares to detect and correct plagiarism issues. Above all, make sure you quote and credit different sources appropriately to escape the plagiarism trap.


A college paper isn’t complex a task as many perceive. Once you remember to include the above elements when writing in college, you can be sure of compelling results.