How to Achieve Academic Success amidst COVID-19

For more than a year now, the Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected almost everything in the world. It forced several nations into months of lockdown damaging the worlds’ economy. The educational sector was not left out of the devastating effects of the disease. As most countries went into lockdown, several restrictions were introduced, which also saw the closure of schools.

After months of staying home, students now have to adapt and cope with new learning measures as authorities gradually open up schools. However, many students are struggling to cope with the new normal of learning from home. They are used to classroom studies where they meet friends, interact, and have fun; hence, the sudden change in the learning environment is having a toll on many.  

As extreme situations require extreme measures, you have to find ways of adjusting yourself to studying in a home environment without being distracted. We do appreciate your difficulty, hence, here are online Aleks answers to help you with some ways to achieve academic success in this Covid-19 pandemic era.

How to organize yourself and work within schedules

It is a difficult time for every student as having to adjust suddenly can be overwhelming. With many schools now going online, you need to adopt at a faster pace or be left out. You are used to the usual wake up early, have a shower, take breakfast, and leave for school. All the activities remain the same except that you now have to attend class at home. This can conflict with your other daily activities if you don’t organize yourself well, plan and work within schedules. Here are some steps to stay organized:

  1. After staying home for a long time, your usual wake-up time might have changed since you had nothing doing. But now that school is in session but remotely, return to your normal routine before the pandemic. Do everything you used to do before including having breakfast and dressing up as if you were going for classes. Keeping the usual daily routine post covid helps you to stay focus.
  2. It may be that your daily schedules include engaging in a sporting activity or a routine body exercise. Go ahead and do it as always.
  3. Just as a normal class where lessons break after 6 hours to allow for a break. You should also take breaks to have a snack or rest a bit when studying remotely.
  4. In this era, the best way of reaching students with information is through emails and other communication platforms as your university has arranged. So, you may have to check your email frequently to avoid missing out on important information.
  5. If you were part of a study group or any other campus resource group, you can continue to meet virtually for your usual sessions. Platforms like Zoom can be used for your meetings.
  6. Lastly, don’t feel sluggish because you are studying at home. Work at the same pace as if you were on campus.

Time management

  • You should plan your day well by having a daily or weekly schedule. It is a way of staying focus and organized throughout the day. Unless something impromptu happens, follow the planned schedule and commit yourself to do everything on your to-do list. Don’t procrastinate any of your activities to a later time, it would disrupt the plans.
  • In order not to spend less or more time on an activity you can time yourself using an alarm clock or your phone alarm to remind you of the next activity.