Top Study Tips for College You May Not Have Known

Are you almost joining college? Or are you a college student? Well, this is your ultimate guide. College life comes with a lot of life-changing experiences. You will be joining a new environment with a lot of new people. It is actually starting another phase in your life that can impact your life positively or negatively.

While studying in college is your number one priority, the decisions you make from the very beginning will determine your fate when out of college. You can either achieve your set goals or fail to meet the desires of your heart. That is why we discuss everything to do with college studying to help you prepare adequately.

How much time do college students spend studying?

How much should you study in college? This is among the many common questions among most college students.

Life in college isn’t all about studying. There are many activities that require the attention of a student. For instance, socializing, cooking, and cleaning, among many others. Some students even work part-time as they study. That is why a college student studying for 2 hours a day is enough to catch up with the studies. For a weekly plan, you can plan your study schedule to have between 10 to 13 hours of studying.

How to be a better student in college

This section highlights how to study in college by using the study tips for college as discussed below:

  • Create a study schedule

When studying in college, it is common for students to get overwhelmed with all they have to accomplish within a limited timeframe. The best way to overcome such pressure is to create a practical timetable highlighting the activities to do at a particular time. Once you have a schedule, make sure you stick to it and maintain ultimate discipline.

  • Join a group to study

Studying alone and be boring and unmotivating. However, taking the initiative to form a study group or join an existing group specifically for studying is one of the best strategies for college students. You only need to ensure you settle in a group with students who have positive and ambitious goals.

  • Ask for help

College life can be stressful and depressing at some times. For instance, relationship issues, financial struggles, and self-esteem issues are among the many contributors to college stress. When in such scenarios and dilemmas, always make it a habit to speak out to someone you trust. Speaking out makes you feel relieved so that you can focus on your studies.

  • Be consistence with studies

The secrete to having an easy life in college is consistency. The moment you step into college, learn and put into practice the best studying habits from the beginning. For instance, do not wait until exams are around the corner to start revising or preparing your revision materials.

  • Use different learning materials

Relying on college books and notes alone is one of the worst mistakes many college students often commit. In this tech era, college students should adopt different learning techniques to improve the overall learning experience. For instance, online videos, tutorials, and even podcasts. Using these techniques, along with textbooks and notes, will enhance an understanding of the concept.

  • Stay organized

The key to success in college is a proper organization, especially for studying materials. You can opt to have a calendar to help track upcoming events to enable you to prepare in advance. Still, you can use digitalized tools to plan and track your activities. The advantage of digitalized tools is the advanced features, where you can even get notifications and reminders of what’s coming up next.


Even though college life can be challenging, applying the above strategies for college students, among many other tips, will make your college life meaningful. The key is to have objectives and goals, then maintain a positive mindset towards college life, and everything else will fall into place.