All You Need to Know About Computer Science

Are you looking to take up computer science in college? Worried you do not know what it entails? Well, worry no more, for we have got you. We have researched significantly to develop a computer science guide article. The article contains all that you need to know about computer science. Hence if you are looking to pursue computer science, then this is an article that you would not want to miss out on.

At this point, you might be confused about many things, that is, if you are looking to pursue computer science. Some of the most pressurizing things that students experience include:

  1. Which is the best programming language to undertake when I pursue the course
  2. Should I learn multiple languages
  3. Is the probability of getting a good job high
  4. Are there extra skills that I require to be successful in the computer science field

We shall try as much as possible to answer all these questions and clear out all the doubts that you might have about computer science; hence follow along:

The three software engineering phases

Most software engineers who are successful went through the following phases to achieve their success. And since CS entails software engineering, then you will most probably go through the same phases. The phases are:

  1. Coder
  2. Programmer
  3. Computer scientist


Every single software engineer began their career as amateur coders. Some began coding even before they joined campus. That is the beauty of coding; you can start at any time, even at a pretty young age.

But who exactly is a person who codes?

An individual who can speak machine language is called a coder. When a coder is presented with an issue, they break the matter down into more straightforward instructions. The coder then puts the instructions in a format that can be understood by a machine. The outcome of the instructions solves a particular problem.

The coder phase is straightforward and forms the foundation of a computer science student. Hence you have to perfect this phase to build a firm foundation for your career. However, do not press pause when you perfect this phase; remember that this is one phase out of three. So you require to move on to the other phases to broaden your horizons.

The languages that you can learn include:

  • Python
  • Java

The two languages are easy to understand, and they offer a pretty efficient foundation.

The programmer

The moment you perfect at least 2 programming languages, then you can refer to yourself as a solid coder. But how can you transition from a solid coder to a programmer?

 Sophisticated coders are programmer. Programmers write efficient code which solves a problem, while coders just write code that solves a problem. To become a programmer, you require to master the following skills:

  1. Know how your code is executed
  2. Learn how to utilize the finite amount of storage available in computers
  3. Master algorithms and data structures
  4. Make your code as efficient as possible
  5. Learn how to efficiently test your code

Once you conquer this stage, then you get exposed to many job opportunities. Some of the companies that hire people with such skills include:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Facebook

Computer scientist

Once you become a programmer, your computer scientist’s life begins. A computer scientist focuses on the bigger picture, not just efficiency. They pay attention to all the details, even the slightest ones, before undertaking a task.

Your projects at this stage are pretty efficient and can work efficiently with minimal chances of failure. And that’s it.


Computer scientists’ never stop learning. Hence once you take up this course, be ready to give it your all. We hope that this article has answered all the questions that you might have had regarding computer science.